National Association of State Treasurers Survey 2012: Chapter 5



Chapter 5: Local Government Investment Pools  


   TABLE 34: Operation, Yield and Valuation. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 34a: Operation, Yield and Valuation. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 35: Assets Valued, Pricing and Investment Amounts/Time. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 36: Methods of Investment and Withdrawal. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 37: Earnings and Gains Distribution. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 38: Transaction Advices, Monthly/Annual Report, Audit and Distribution. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 39: Administrative and Management Fees: Calculation and Disclosure. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 40: Yield Calculation, Diversification Requirements and Loss Protection. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 41: LGIP Advisory Board. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 42: Policy: Auditor, Withdrawal, Local Pool and Bond Proceeds Permitted. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 43: Written Investment Policy. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 44: Allowable Investments. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 45: Derivatives Policy, Reverse Repurchase and Inverse Yield Usage. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 46: Third Party Safekeeping, Pool "Rating" and Marketing. Download in Excel.


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