National Association of State Treasurers Survey 2012: Chapter 3


Chapter 3: State Investment Practices  


   TABLE 16: State Investment Board Membership. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 17: Investment Policy Determination. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 18: Investment Personnel and Counsel. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 19: Outside Managers. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 20: Excess Funds. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 21: Time Periods and Special Funds. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 22: Portfolio Guidelines. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 23: Allowable Investments. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 24: Diversification Requirements. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 25: Securities Lending Program. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 26: Reserve Funds. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 27: Certificates of Deposit. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 28: Time Deposits. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 29: Link Deposit Programs. Download in Excel.


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