Montana Governor to Propose Single Payer Health Care

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer told federal officials to expect a waiver request to set up a  universal health care system. He says the system in his state would be based on the single payer Canadian health care system that began in the province of Saskatchewan. He said in Montana the government spends $8,000 per person for health care compared to $4,000 in neighboring Saskatchewan, and that the outcomes are better in Canada.

Schweitzer isn't the only governor unhappy with the current health care system. Vermont earlier this year approved legislation to move toward a single payer system. It would also require a federal waiver, which it could obtain in 2017 under the current provisions of the Affordable Care Act. The governors in Kansas and Oklahoma have turned down large federal grants to implement health insurance exchanges. Gov. Barber has said Mississippi will plan an exchange to meet its needs, not necessarily the law's requirements.

Watch the KRTV recording of Gov. Schweitzer speaking with U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Regional Director Marguerite Salazar. 

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