MOAA and Syracuse University Team Up to Improve Military Absentee Voting

The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) has linked up with Syracuse University to examine absentee voting challenges faced by active duty servicemembers every election cycle. They have developed a survey hoping to improve the absentee-voting process.

The nonpartisan survey ranges in topics on voting challenges, outside influences on elections, and voter habits. MOAA’s charitable foundation, MOAA Military Family Initiative (MMFI), and the Syracuse’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) collaborated to collect this information from active duty servicemembers, Guard and Reserve members, veterans as well as their families. Survey participation is voluntary and anonymous.

The foundation and university hope to use survey responses to identify perceived obstacles, dispel myths, and identify best practices for military family voters and state boards of elections.

MOAA will publish a report with their findings and any suggested actions early this summer in hopes to provide time for public review prior to many state’s voter registration deadlines and the midterm congressional elections.

This effort is made possible by a grant from the Democracy Fund, who invests in work to strengthen our democracy with bipartisan solutions.

Feel free to complete and/or pass along the survey as the MOAA team is looking for broad participation: