Minnesota, Indiana eighth-graders outperform most international peers on math, science tests

Stateline Midwest ~ January 2013

In the most recent international assessment of students from 53 countries and other education jurisdictions, Minnesota and Indiana eighth-graders posted scores above most of their peers.

The Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study was released in December. Minnesota and Indiana are the only two Midwestern states that participated.
The science scores of Minnesota eighth-graders were third-highest in the world. Similarly, only five countries (all East Asian nations) posted higher eighth-grade math scores than Minnesota. Indiana’s scores were lower than Minnesota’s, but still well above the international average. In both states, the study’s findings also highlighted significant gaps in student achievement. For example:
  • Male students in the two states outperformed female students (except for Minnesota’s eighth-grade math scores, where there was no gender gap);
  • Black students in Indiana and Minnesota scored below the international average in the two subject areas and grades tested; and
  • Students from schools with a high percentage of low-income families scored below the international average.