For Military and Overseas Voters: Democracy is a year-round business... VOTE!

Voting in off years is important for overseas military personnel

With the 2014 midterm elections over, military personnel residing overseas might think voting is over until the general election in 2016.  Not true.  Odd numbered years also hold important elections.  2015 will see elections for school boards, mayors, judges, and other important offices and issues.  These elections have a direct impact on citizens.  Overseas military personnel help defend the right to vote, and they should exercise the right for themselves.

Absentee voting has been made easier for members of the military residing overseas and their dependents and civilians.  First, military and overseas voters should visit the U.S. Department of Defense’s Federal Voting Assistance Program website. The website provides specific information on localities’ election guidelines.  Second, military and overseas voters should complete the Federal Post Card Applications early in the year.  The Federal Post Card Application serves as a convenient and effective form for registering to vote and a requesting a ballot.  In addition to online resources, voting assistance officers stand ready to help overseas military personnel.

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