Masters , Mountjoy, deGolian present at State Authorization Meeting

CSG staff was present and gave multiple presentations last week at a meeting focusing on state authorization in higher education.  The meeting, which was co-hosted by The Lumina Foundation and the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation, took place at the University of Maryland University College outside Washington, DC.  Amongst other issues discussed, were CSG’s efforts to develop a multi-state reciprocity compact for postsecondary education.  Attendees heard from CSG staff about the history and use of interstate compacts, the process traditionally followed by CSG when developing a compact, and potential content areas to be included in a multi-state reciprocity agreement. 

In conjunction with the President’s Forum, CSG will convene the first multi-state reciprocity compact drafting team meeting next month in Indianapolis.  The drafting team, which will likely meet multiple times over the course of the next several month, will be responsible for coming up with the compact’s language.  Once drafting is complete, the language will be circulated to a wide range of interested stakeholders for comment and review and then sent to state legislatures around the country for consideration.  Please contact Crady deGolian at if you have any questions about the compact.