The Many Roles of the Governors’ Chiefs of Staff

Chiefs of staff increasingly play a critical role in advising their governors, managing the governors’ personal staffs and overseeing the operation of state departments and agencies that report to the governor. This article reports on two surveys conducted by the National Governors Association that provide new insight into the organization of the governors’ offices and the many roles of their chiefs of staff.

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About the Author
Barry L. Van Lare is the director of the National Governors Association’s Office of Management Consulting and Training, which serves as a management consultant to governors and their offices and also as the association’s primary liaison to governors’ chiefs of staff. Van Lare has more than 45 years of experience in the management of state programs and in the development and implementation of national health and human services programs. At the federal level, he served as associate commissioner for Social Security, deputy assistant secretary for welfare legislation and as special administrator for gasoline rationing.

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