A Look at Community Solar Programs

Interest in using solar energy to power homes continues to skyrocket and rural electric cooperatives are taking notice. Rural co-ops--nonprofit consumer-owned utilities--are responding to demands from their members looking to invest in community solar projects. Utilities are developing these programs, which allow customers to pay for the cost of one or more panels in exchange for a credit on their bill based on the energy the panels produce. This eCademy session features experts discussing the national trend of community solar programs and specific examples to help state policymakers better understand this emerging trend.


A Look at Community Solar Programs
Thursday, March 19, 2 p.m. EDT
CSG eCademy Webcast



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Chad Laurent

Senior Consultant & General Counsel

Meister Consultants Group, Inc.


Ted Kjos

Vice President of Marketing & External Relations
Tri-County Electric Cooperative 

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