Legalization of Marijuana, Medical Marijuana

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Legalization of Marijuana, Medical Marijuana

August 10, 2014

Recent voter initiatives in Colorado and Washington legalizing the use of recreational marijuana have amplified the debate and the uncertain social and legal ramifications. The Future of Western Legislatures Forum featured industry perspectives and insights from officials about how their states are implementing these initiatives. The session also focused on state medical marijuana laws, including state program comparisons and challenges.


Joe Brezny, Western Regional Director, Natural Cannabis Industry Association

 Download the presentation "Marijuana: What to Expect 2014-2020" in PDF.

Thomas A. Burns, Director of Pharmacy Programs, Oregon Health Authority

 Download the presentation "Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program" in PDF.

Senator Julie Denton, Chair, Kentucky Senate Health and Welfare Committee

Sharon Foster, Chair, Washington State Liquor Control Board

 Download the presentation "Lessons Learned on Road to Legal Marijuana" in PDF.

Senator Gail Schwartz, Chair, Colorado Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources & Energy Committee