Iowa’s new Teacher Leadership program showing good results

Iowa’s Teacher Leadership and Compensation System is having a positive impact on classroom instruction and educators’ professional climate, but it’s still too soon to discern the program’s effects on student achievement, a new interim report says.

The result of legislation (HF 215) passed and signed into law in 2013, the system provides extra pay to teachers who accept leadership roles such as peer mentoring and curriculum development. The law also raised starting salaries for new teachers.
Each school district establishes a plan for implementing the system — for example, the process for putting teachers into leadership roles and providing help to new teachers. The state’s goal is to attract new teachers, retain effective ones, promote collaboration, and reward professional growth and collaboration. The new system has been implemented over the last three school years. Teachers in the early-implementation schools reported more collaboration among colleagues and greater availability, frequency and quality of leadership roles.
The interim report was commissioned by the Iowa Department of Education and done by the American Institutes of Research.
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