Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

This Act enacts the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. The compact:

  • Becomes effective when adopted by seven states;
  • Creates an interstate commission comprised of two representatives from each member state to oversee operation of the compact;
  • Provides for physicians licensed in one compact state to obtain an expedited license in another compact state;
  • Directs the commission to maintain a database of licensed physicians, and disciplinary records involving licensed physicians, from compact states;
  • Provides for joint investigations and disciplinary actions;
  • Authorizes the commission to levy and collect an assessment on member states to cover the cost of commission operations, and provides civil immunity for commission representatives and employees;
  • Reserves member states’ rights to determine eligibility for physician licensure, license fees, grounds for discipline and continuing education requirements.

Submitted as:

HB 107
Status: Signed into law on February 27, 2015.

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