Intercepting Computer Trespasser Communications

Intercepting Computer Trespasser Communications SSL Draft


This Act authorizes intercepting electronic communications of suspected computer trespassers under certain conditions. It defines "computer trespasser" as "a person who accesses a computer or any other device with Internet capability without authorization and thus has no reasonable expectation of privacy in any communication transmitted to, through, or from the computer or other device."

The Act sets out procedures for people to challenge an interception. It provides that any aggrieved person in any trial, hearing, or proceeding in or before any court or other authority of the state may move to suppress the contents of any wire or electronic communication intercepted in accordance with the Act, or evidence derived there from, on the grounds that the communication was unlawfully intercepted or the interception was not made in conformity with the Act.

Submitted as:
New Jersey
P.L. 2009, Chapter 142

Status: Enacted into law in 2009.

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