Indiana, South Dakota target problems of meth labs, abuse

Recently released data from Indiana show that policymakers and law enforcement are making progress in their efforts to curtail methamphetamine manufacturing in the state. The number of meth labs fell by 35 percent in 2016, Indiana State Police statistics show.

In addition, law enforcement has had to remove far fewer children from these labs. Last year, the Indiana legislature passed a bill (SB 80) to restrict meth cooks’ access to pseudoephedrine, the key ingredient in the manufacturing process. Under the new law, individuals who have established a patient relationship with a pharmacy do not need a prescription to purchase medications with pseudoephedrine. However, minus that relationship, individuals can only purchase small amounts of these medications. An individual who refuses these options must get a prescription.

In South Dakota, Gov. Dennis Daugaard told lawmakers in January that their state’s meth problem is no longer being fueled by homegrown labs. Instead, he said, out-of-state producers are making meth “on an industrial scale” and bringing it to South Dakota. His proposals include forming a joint drug interdiction task force and establishing new incentives for individuals on probation and parole to pass their drug tests.
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