Indiana leading way on policies related to K-12 computer science

In a national report on policies to promote K-12 instruction in computer science, Indiana is singled out as one of the nation’s five leading states.
Authors of the September study say that 45 percent of the nation’s high schools teach computer science. They note, too, that certain groups of students are more likely to attend a school that does not offer instruction in this subject area — minorities, young people living in rural areas, and low-income students. How can states close this gap? The “2019 State of Computer Science Education: Equity and Diversity” identifies nine policies in areas such as certification, professional development, statewide standards, and a requirement that all secondary schools offer computer science.

Indiana has implemented all nine of these policies, authors of the report say. The state has trained more than 1,000 teachers in computer science since 2018, and earlier this year, the legislature (HB 1001) appropriated $3 million to further professional development opportunities. In the Midwest, Iowa and Ohio also dedicate state funding for teachers to receive training in computer science instruction, according to, a nonprofit group that contributed to the 2019 study on state policies.

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