The Impact of Terrorism on State Law Enforcement

Traditionally, state-level law enforcement has represented about 10 percent of total police employment in the United States. In keeping with this employment level, state law enforcement has traditionally played an important, but relatively small role in the overall picture of policing America. The information collected for this project, however, indicates an expanding role for state law enforcement since 2001, partly due to new roles and responsibilities associated with homeland security, and partly because state police are filling gaps and vacuums created by shifts in federal law enforcement priorities. Thus, while it is true that all types of police agencies have been significantly affected post Sept. 11, it seems that state law enforcement agencies have been affected the most.

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About the Authors
Chad Foster is a public safety and justice policy analyst with The Council of State Governments.

Gary Cordner, Ph.D., is a professor with the College of Justice & Safety at Eastern Kentucky University.