Human Trafficking: State Responses to Modern-Day Slavery

Human trafficking, a form of modern-day slavery whereby children and adults are exploited through force or coercion for sex acts or manual labor, is purported to be a multi-billion-dollar worldwide industry and one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises. The U.S. Department of State estimates that there are approximately 40,000 men, women and children who become victims of human trafficking in the United States every year. States have taken action, setting up task forces to assess the extent of this insidious practice and experimenting with policies to encourage reporting, train law enforcement personnel and increase the criminal penalties for perpetrators. 

This webinar offers an overview of the topic and give examples of how states are working to combat this heinous crime.



Sen. Missy Irvin

Dalia Racine
Assistant district attorney, DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office

Britanny Vanderhoof
Policy counsel, The Polaris Project


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Human Trafficking: State Responses to Modern-Day Slavery



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