Hopes On Hold for Vote on Medicaid Match Extension

On Monday, August 2, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was forced to put on hold the vote for the extension of the enhanced Medicaid match for the period January 1, 2011 to June 30, 2011.

The CBO scored the provision as falling some $5 billion short of being fully funded. Kaiser Health News reports that Reid might try to fix the funding and call for a vote on Wednesday, August 5, before the Senate recesses for its August break. Even if Senator Reid can muster the necessary votes, the House is already on summer recess and not expected back in DC until mid September. Also see Politico analysis.

A CSG survey found 23 states have incorporated the extension of the Medicaid match into their FY 2011 budgets already adopted. Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue has already ordered 4 percent across the board budget cuts because of the Congressional delay in passing the extension.  Other states may be forced to follow suit.