Homecare Option Program for the Elderly Statement

Suggested State Legislation: Connecticut Public Act No. 07-130 establishes a program and trust fund to help people pay for certain services which allows people to remain in their homes or live in a non-institutional setting as they age.

The Act allows people to establish Individual Savings Accounts within the trust fund and allows an account's designated beneficiary to withdraw funds from their accounts for qualified home care expenses. It exempts interest earned on trust fund accounts from the state income tax and makes any unspent funds remaining in an account part of the beneficiary's estate.

Covered services include companion services; adult day care; preparing meals; home delivered meals; and transportation. These services must be performed by a licensed home care services provider, a homemaker or companion service registered with the state department of consumer protection, a personal care assistant, or licensed transportation services. These must also be recommended by a physician. Before a beneficiary can withdraw money from an account, a physician must certify to the trust that the beneficiary needs the qualified services to live independently in his or her home or another non-institutional setting.

Submitted as:
Public Act No. 07-130
Status: Enacted into law in 2007.

Suggested State Legislation: 2009 Docket

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