Hitting the Health Care Trifecta

CSG Health Public Policy Committee & the CSG West Health Committee 

Hitting the Health Care Trifecta

August 11, 2014

While debate about improving the nation’s health care system continues, policymakers, health care experts and consumers essentially agree on three goals—improving patient care, creating healthier communities and reducing health care costs. States face huge challenges in developing successful strategies for broad population impact, and even bigger challenges for having a positive impact in rural areas and among certain disadvantaged population groups. Speakers addressed strategies for improving population health, increasing immunization coverage, and providing data to guide state decision-making. 

A special panel of health administrators from Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium provided attendees with an overview of rural health care innovations in their state, including community health aides, dental health aide therapists and telehealth. Laurel Wood, formerly the Alaska state director of immunizations, provided an overview of Alaska health care service delivery to set the stage. 


Laurel WoodCoordinator for Public Health, Immunization Action Coalition

  Download the presentation "Delivery of Healthcare Services in Alaska" in PDF.

Victorie Heart, Director Community Health Aide Program/Rural Health, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

  Download the presentation "Alaska Community Health Aide Program" in PDF.

Mary E. WilliardDirector, Dental Health Aide Ther­apist Educational Program, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

  Download the presentation "Alaska's Dental Health Aide Therapists" in PDF.

Stewart Ferguson, Chief Information Officer, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

  Download the presentation "AFNCAN Telehealth: Innovations in Health Care" in PDF.

Bruce Bronzan, Co-founder and President, Trilogy Integrated Resources 

View health data storehouse at www.trilogyir.com

Tom Massey, Director of Policy, Communications and Operations Office, Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing

  Download the presentation "Colorado's State of Health" in PDF.

Laurel WoodCoordinator for Public Health, Immunization Action Coalition

  Download the presentation "Hitting the Health Care Trifecta: Giving It Your Best Shot" in PDF.



Speaker Biographies:

Bruce Bronzan

Trilogy began as a pilot program to demonstrate how consumers, program managers and case managers could use advanced Internet communication technology to improve behavioral health outcomes. It now operates in 24 states with more than 500 sites. Bronzan was a California state legislator for 10 years.

Stewart Ferguson

Dr. Ferguson has primary responsibility for IT and clinical informatics operations for the Alaska Native Medical Center, the largest Native hospital in the U.S. and the only level 2 trauma center in Alaska.  He is a past President and eight-term Board member of the American Telemedicine Association, and is a founding member and past-Chairman of the Board for the Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center.  

Victorie Heart

Heart directs a network of 550 community health aides/practitioners in more than 170 rural villages. These aides provide primary and emergency health care services. The program was developed in the 1950s in response to health concerns, including a tuberculosis epidemic, high infant mortality and high rate of injuries in rural Alaska. 

Tom Massey

Massey is responsible for the management of government relations, internal and external communications, human resources, workforce development and facility operations. He served in the Colorado House of Representatives 2005-13, where he was a member of the Health and Environment Committee and chaired the House Education Committee. 

Mary E. Williard

Williard, a dentist, has worked in American Indian/Alaska Native dental programs since 1996. She saw firsthand the value of dental health aides when she provided clinical services in rural villages in southwestern Alaska. She currently directs the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium training program for the aides. 

Laurel Wood

Wood facilitates communication about the safety, efficacy and use of vaccines to patients, parents, health care organizations and government health agencies. She retired from state public health service in 2011 after nearly 30 years. She served as Immunization Program manager for the Alaska Division of Public Health for 17 years.