Health Policy Task Force Holds Roundtable Discussion in Providence

  Download the Meeting Summary in PDF

During the Council of State Governments' National Conference in Providence, Rhode Island, the CSG Health Policy Task Force hosted a roundtable discussion on December 5th looking at what’s ahead for health policy in 2011 and beyond as states prepare for full implementation of health reform in 2014.

Attendees, both public sector and private sector members, shared their ideas on health reform and other topics they wanted to see CSG focus on in future meetings and publications. These included:

  • Expanding primary care, including patient centered medical homes
  • Chronic disease prevention and treatment, especially diabetes which is linked to growing childhood obesity
  • Creative solution to health labor force issues, including extending the scope of practice for  allied health providers
  • Creating a broader array of long-term programs and services
  • Sharing creative solutions to closing Medicaid deficits and preparing for  the coverage expansion required under the Affordable Care Act
  • Examples of how states might move toward implementation of health insurance exchanges
  • Continue to seek out and disseminate examples of evidenced-based programs to improve health care and reduce costs of care

CSG health policy director Debra Miller highlighted a few CSG activities over the past year:

  • Mental Health: 3 sessions in 2010 regional meetings to discuss the formation of mental health caucuses; a Facts & Figures publication on state mental health caucuses; an up-coming white paper exploring the fiscal arguments for appropriate mental health treatment, including cost savings in mental health and corrections budgets.
  • Health Reform: a webinar for over 200 registrants on federal health reform law within weeks of the bill’s passage; various publications and blog entries in the CSG Knowledge Center; Book of the States article; 2 sessions during the 2010 Economic Summit of the States (New York City) and 4 sessions during this 2010 National Conference (Providence, RI).
  • HIV/ AIDS and STDs cooperative agreement with CDC: various publications on the Knowledge Center and articles in Capitol Ideas; state profiles on suggested policy implementation; a 4 hour session on Friday of this 2010 National Conference (Providence, RI).
  • FMAP Extension: CSG staff completed a survey of states’ budgeting assumptions on the extension of the enhanced federal Medicaid match initiated under the Recovery Act. During the Congressional consideration of the extension, CSG had the most complete information on states’ positions vis a vis the extension. Our data were cited by several media outlets.