Guide to using Google+

Recently Google, a company best known for its search engine, launched a social network that it calls "Google+" or "Google Plus."  You can visit it by going to  Much like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, Google+ is becomming a popular online desitnation.  Accordingly, it's also a good way for elected officials to connect with the public.  To help connect constituents with elected officials or candidates on Google+, the company has launched an online guide highlighting how the service can be used.

Specifically, the guide explores 5 topics:

  1. Creating a Google+ page (it's like a website within the Google+ social network)
  2. Using the +1 button (this is a tool that is similar to "liking" on Facebook)
  3. Using Google Circles to tailor messages to different groups (circles are groups of contacts)
  4. Using Google Hangouts (hangouts are group video chats through the social network)
  5. Adding media such as YouTube videos or pictures

The guide also includes a number of examples of how Google+ is being used both in the U.S. and internationally.  You should check it out by clicking here.

Stay tuned to this blog for further updates on social media and state government.  CSG will soon be launching 101 guides on Twitter and Facebook for state officials, derived from the social media boot camps offered at our conferences.