Global Protocol for Foreign Delegations

Many state leaders participate in international trips, education exchanges and foreign delegations in their states and districts. Understanding the proper protocol to guide interactions with foreign visitors is key to overcoming intercultural communications barriers and building relationships with overseas contacts. During this session, experts discussed the proper protocol for meeting with foreign delegations, including proper greeting and business card exchanges and how to conduct business meetings and other events.   

Found in Translation: Global Protocol for Foreign Delegations
Friday, December 11, 2015

Sponsored by the CSG International Committee

Presentation by Ann Pardalos, Manager, Missouri International Trade & Investment Office



Speaker Biography:  

Pardalos manages the overall strategy and daily operations of the International Trade & Investment Office of Missouri, including global offices in China, Europe, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea. She works directly with the governor to support Missouri’s international business efforts, including leading foreign trade missions, attracting foreign direct investment and helping more companies export abroad. In addition, Pardalos is the current president of the State International Development Organizations, the only organization representing state international trade offices that works to increase coordination with federal agencies.