The Future of Political Parties in the States

The increase in the level of two-party competition, particularly in the Southern states, has produced many parties which are cohesive and disciplined to capture public office and govern once that office has been attained. More parties are using preprimary endorsements to control nominations. They have become multimillion dollar organizations and contribute to their state candidates and rival the national parties in fundraising capability. Governors and their legislative parties are governing more effectively.

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About the Authors
Sarah M. Morehouse is professor emerita of Political Science at the University of Connecticut.  he is the author of The Governor as Party Leader (1998) and co-author with Malcolm Jewell of Political Parties and Elections in American States (2001) and State Politics, Parties and Policy 2nd ed. (2003).

Malcolm E. Jewell is a retired political science professor at the University of Kentucky, where he specialized in state politics and legislatures. In addition to books coauthored with Sarah Morehouse, he is coauthor of two books on Kentucky politics and the Kentucky legislature, and a book on legislative leadership.