From the Executive Director: Bringing The Summit to Your Desktop

E-Newsletter Issue #66/March 3, 2011

As we were preparing for CSG’s Growth and Prosperity Summit, originally scheduled for March 26-30 in Uncasville, Conn., I had the opportunity to visit with a number of elected state leaders, including some of the budget committee chairs in state legislatures. It was clear from these discussions that state leaders were anxious to connect with one another and learn what other states are doing to solve their budget challenges and to grow jobs. It was also clear that many of these same leaders would simply not be able to leave their state capitols and travel to an in-person, face-to-face meeting.

From this feedback, an idea was born. If our members couldn’t make it to our summit, why couldn’t we bring the summit to them?

The answer was obvious. Technology makes it possible for us to reformat CSG’s summit and deliver its cutting-edge content directly to our members. Our national chair, Connecticut Deputy Speaker Bob Godfrey, embraced the idea and directed us to do everything we could to repackage our summit and move its location online. He knew that by putting the needs of state leaders first, CSG would better accomplish our mission of sharing capitol ideas.

So instead of asking you to pay for a plane ticket, take three days away from your duties at the capitol, and pay for a hotel room and registration, we are bringing you an array of relevant and timely online sessions designed to share with you the solid insights of great presenters with plenty of opportunities for you to ask questions of the experts. You can pick the sessions you want, and come back and watch the sessions you missed. Convenient, cost effective and substantive. 

We also will be preparing a special online edition of Capitol Ideas magazine to complement the work of the online summit. You will find essays, charts, graphs and articles focused on how states can address their budget challenges, create economic growth and build prosperity. Those are the issues you told us are most important to you now—which is why they are the issues most important to CSG.

We will convene CSG’s Suggested State Legislation Committee and the meeting on the Electricity Transmission Line Siting National Advisory Panel in Connecticut as originally scheduled, but all other summit sessions will be hosted online and presented free of charge to our members

Join us for the new and improved Growth and Prosperity Summit 2.0—now easily accessible online. A full schedule of webinar offerings and other resources will be available in the CSG Knowledge Center’s special summit pages. It is easy to register for one or all of the webinar offerings.

As has been said, “If you can’t come to the mountaintop, we will bring the mountaintop to you.” That’s exactly what CSG has decided to do in bringing our Growth and Prosperity Summit 2.0 to a computer near you. We hope you will plan to participate and give us your feedback on how we can continue to best serve you during these challenging times for the states.

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