Energy and Environment Task Force Meeting: Bellevue

2011 National Conference & North American Summit

Energy & Environment Task Force
October 22, 2011

CSG’s Energy & Environment Task Force met on October 22 to discuss pressing policy issues, to hear from staff on the progress of specific programs and to review both policy resolutions and select Suggested State Legislation.

Policy Discussion / Presentations:

Energy Producing States Coalition

Task Force members heard from Chair Lubnau on a new initiative he is spearheading: the Energy Producing States Coalition (EPSC). Formed in March 2011 by legislators from states which produce energy to power the nation's economy (Alaska, Texas, Utah and Wyoming, currently members), the group is pursuing several energy policy goals:

  • Encourage domestic development of energy and natural resources;
  • Serve as a unified voice on behalf of energy producing states;
  • Work to boost the role of the states in the energy regulatory process; and
  • Work to develop coordinated state energy policies that may serve as national models.

The Role of US Coal in the World

Task Force members heard from Penn State Professor Dr. Frank Clemente on the role of US coal in the world. America has some of the best coal in the world when measured in terms of volume, access, and quality. Understanding the role American coal plays in domestic economic growth as well as the potential it has on the global stage is critical to informed state policymaking.

  Download the presentation "The Global Value of Coal: Clean Coal Technologies Open the Door" in PDF.

CSG Updates

Interstate Compact for the Siting of Electricity Transmission Lines

Task Force members heard from Crady deGolian, Director of CSG’s National Center for Interstate Compacts on a new compact initiative CSG is currently facilitating on the development of a new interstate compact template that may serve as a model solution to states as they seek to tackle opportunities for expanded create an interstate compact on transmission line siting.

New CSG Director of Energy & Environmental Policy

CSG is pleased to welcome Brydon Ross as its new Director of Energy & Environmental Policy. Brydon comes to CSG from the Association of Oil Pipelines where he serves as Director of Government Relations. Prior to his time there he served for ten years on The Hill in various senior staff and committee appointments focusing on energy and environmental issues. Brydon will join CSG in January 2012.

Policy Resolutions

The Energy & Environment Task Force considered and approved two policy resolutions:

  1. Resolution on Energy Security, Production, Distribution and Environmental Protection
  2. Resolution on Military Base Sustainability

Suggested State Legislation

The Energy & Environment Task Force considered 10 items from the current SSL docket. The group voted to: Include – 2; Reject – 5; Defer – 1; and took no action on 2 others.

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