Energizing Growth: Opportunities in the New Energy Economy: Session Summary

“Energizing Growth: Opportunities in the New Energy Economy”

2010 CSG Economic Summit of the States
New York, NY, May 21, 2010

Session Summary

Tom Kenworthy, Paul Kaplan, and Lisa Wood engaged in a discussion with state leaders on how states can grow their energy economy and thereby spur job creation through renewable energy and energy efficiency during the session “Energizing Growth: Opportunities in the New Energy Economy,” at CSG’s Economic Summit of the States in New York City.

Tom Kenworthy, a senior fellow with the Center for American Progress, discussed Colorado’s experience in expanding its renewable portfolio standard and how, through incentives, states can promote distributed generation (small scale residential and commercial wind or solar generators connected to the grid).

Lisa Wood, executive director of the Institute for Electric Efficiency, spoke about how investments in energy efficiency can lower electricity costs and create jobs.  And that investing in efficiency is cheaper than building new plants.  In addition, Wood spoke about the coming of the smart grid and its role in shaping our future by integrating electric vehicles and distributed generation.

And Paul Kaplan, director of the Green Bank of Kentucky, focused his talk on how low-interest loans made to state agencies is resulting in more efficient public buildings that substantially lower operating costs.  Kaplan also discussed how states are coalescing around the idea of a national green bank to leverage funds and create economies of scale.

The session provided great focus for leaders and solutions on how to address the cost and quality of energy generation.  Continue to look to CSG for upcoming briefs that further delve into these issues.  We look forward to seeing you in Providence, Rhode Island this December as we continue to explore solutions to the energy and environmental challenges our nation faces.