Education: A Look Back

Have you ever wondered how state and federal policy directly impact students, classroom learning, teacher preparation, and overall achievement and success? Education Week has compiled a fascinating 30 year timeline titled "K-12 America Since 1981."

When the publication began in 1981, the discussion was just beginning on how to incorporate computers into the education of students.  The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights documented its disatisfaction with the Reagan administration's efforts in school desegregation, the ban on sponsored prayer in schools was reaffirmed by the Supreme Court, and the Environmental Protection Agency began requiring schools to examine the use of asbestos.

The progression through the early days of school choice, ensuring a free and appropriate public education for students with disabilities, even teen pregnancy, AIDS and abstinence curricula is captivating to discover how these policy changes shaped where we are today.

You can discover the interactive timeline at: