Diabetes New Policy Emphasis for CSG

Have you recently encountered media attention to diabetes? Probably. March 27th is the American Diabetes Association’s ALERT!DAY.

One in three Americans is at risk of developing diabetes – but armed with early information, many of these individuals can fight off the disease and its consequences by engaging in preventative behaviors such as weight loss, physical activity and healthful eating.  Last year on this day, more than 600,000 persons took an on-line diabetes risk test.

Recognizing that diabetes is a serious disease with costly impact on the 26 million individuals who already have it and the millions more who will develop it as well as on the nation’s already taxed health care system, CSG is undertaking a diabetes initiative in 2012 and 2013.

CSG will offer a Diabetes Policy Academy during the National Leadership Conference in La Quinta, Calif. on May 17th from 8 a.m. to 12 noon. The goals of this session are to understand diabetes and the diseases’ burden on individuals, society, and the health care system and to learn about effective state policies to prevent and treat people affected by diabetes and diabetes related complications. We will hear from researchers on the state of science around prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease. We will discuss new policy initiatives that apply a public health template to diabetes. Successful state policy initiatives will be presented by sponsoring legislators and supporting advocates.

CSG is pleased that our associate members Novo Nordisk and the American Diabetes Association are working with us to put together this Health Policy Academy and the CSG diabetes initiative.

To register for the Diabetes Policy Academy in May, contact Debra Miller, email: dmiller@csg.org or phone: 859-244-8241.

To take the Diabetes Risk Test on the Ameican Diabetes Association Facebook page, click here. The test is free and available year-round.

Read more about how states are tackling diabetes in this CSG Capitol Research Brief.