The Diabetes Crisis: Today and Future Trends

2012 National Leadership Conference

CSG Health Policy Academy
Diabetes: From Treatment to Prevention
May 18, 2012

Presentation by Dr. William Rowley,
Senior Fellow, Institute for Alternative Futures

This session sought to explain diabetes and the disease’s burden on individuals, society, and the health care system and to demonstrate effective state policies to prevent and treat people affected by diabetes and diabetes-related complications. Attendees learned about the state of science around prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease. We also discussed new policy initiatives that apply a public health template to diabetes. Successful state policy initiatives were presented by sponsoring legislators and supporting advocates.

The Diabetes Crisis: Today and Future Trends

Dr. William Rowley

Rowley is a senior fellow with the Institute for Alternative Futures, a leader in the creation of preferred futures. He is a subject matter expert and frequent keynote speaker on possible futures for a full range of health care issues. He has analyzed trends and developed forecasts and scenarios for specific diseases, advances in biotechnology, the evolution of health systems, and the future of various health professions. Dr. Rowley is a vascular surgeon who also has extensive leadership experience including being chief operating officer of one academic medical center and chief executive officer of two others.