CSG West Meeting to Highlight Transmission Line Siting Compact

The need to more efficiently site transmission lines has consistently been identified in western states as one of the most pressing policy challenges facing the region.  One possible solution state legislators are just beginning to consider is a transmission line siting compact.  The compact, which was developed by a drafting team of subject matter experts, with input and guidance from CSG’s National Center for Interstate Compacts will be featured during the Energy and Public Lands Committee session at this year’s CSG-WEST Annual Conference in Las Vegas. 

The compact is intended to allow states to more efficiently site electrical transmission lines across state lines.  The agreement would be triggered on a regional basis and pertain only to those states that are both members of the compact and affected by the proposed line. Specifically, the compact addresses an application filing process, an application review process, a proposed line review and timeline, and an approval process.

During the briefing in Las Vegas attendees will hear from the following:

  • Representative Tom Sloan, Kansas
  • Crady deGolian, Director of CSG’s National Center for Interstate Compacts
  • Representative Jeff Morris, Washington
  • Sam Razor, Deputy Director, The Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision

To learn more about the Transmission Line Siting Compact please click here or contact Crady deGolian at cdegolian@csg.org.