CSG West Fiscal Affairs Committee

CSG West Fiscal Affairs Committee

August 9, 2014

The CSG West Fiscal Affairs Committee provided a forum for chairs and members of budget, appropriation and revenue or tax committees in Western legislatures to exchange ideas and experiences on issues affecting state budgets. The committee addressed fiscal issues associated with the impact of the recession, state fiscal trends, taxation, business incentives, revenue forecasting and performance-based budgeting.

Capitol Ideas Today: Fiscal States Improve, but Tough Choices Remain


Representative Ken IvoryUtah and Carl GrahamDirector, Sutherland Institute Coalition For Self-Government In the West

 Download the presentation "Financial Ready: A Case for Governing Ourselves" in PDF. 

Joseph Henchman, Vice President of Legal & State Projects Tax Foundation 

 Download the presentation "Tax Incentives and the States" in PDF.

Andy Karellas, CSG Director of Federal Affairs

 Download the presentation "Washington D.C., Federal Affairs" in PDF.

Michael Mazerov, Senior Fellow, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

 Download the presentation "When & How States Should Strengthen Their Rainy Day Funds" in PDF.

Mary Murphy, PEW Charitable Trusts

 Download the presentation "Fiscal 50: State Trends and Analysis" in PDF.