CSG Webinar: States to Watch in 2013: Transportation Funding. February 5, 2013

This webinar, recorded on Feb.5, provided updates on 25 states in the process of considering how to meet their transportation needs in the years ahead. From proposals to raise the gas tax to one in Virginia to eliminate it all together, from dedicated sales taxes to license and registration fees, and from tolling to mileage-based user fees, states are looking at a variety of options. 

The webinar draws on the expertise of eight reporters, bloggers, and experts on transportation and state government including Ryan Holeywell of Governing magazine, Dan Vock of Stateline, Tim Smith of The Greenville (SC) News, Tom Benning of The Dallas Morning News, Richard Parr of the Boston-based organization A Better City, Stephanie Pollack of Northeastern University, Larry Ehl of the Washington state-based Transportation Issues Daily and Geoffrey O’Gara of WyoFile and Wyoming PBS.  

 Download the slides in PDF

States to Watch in 2013: Transportation Funding