CSG Report: Green Jobs Created or Saved by the Recovery Act

  Download the Report: "Green Jobs Created or Saved by the Recovery Act"

***  There is an update to this report:  "Green Jobs Created or Saved in Quarter 2 of the Recovery Act"

While the Recovery Act has made unprecedented investments in clean energy, energy efficiency, and other environmental improvements, a new report by The Council of State Governments finds that in most states the wave of green jobs tied to these investments has yet to arrive.  

CSG has released a state-by-state analysis of green jobs created or retained through the Recovery Act. According to CSG’s analysis, which looked at data collected by states through Oct. 10, 2009, states have created or saved just more than13,000 green jobs. 

Ohio leads the nation with over 2,500 jobs created. However, some smaller states have also posted impressive figures. Idaho created more than 800 green jobs to date, a figure that represents nearly 40 percent of the state’s total jobs created with Recovery Act funds. Only Rhode Island had reported no green jobs created or saved by the reporting deadline.   

Variations among states may reflect challenges both in staffing up to implement new programs and in meeting strict Recovery Act reporting requirements. In addition, the programs included in this study experienced some of the largest increases in funding levels of any programs funded by the Recovery Act.  The weatherization program alone experienced a 70-fold increase in funding over previous levels. 

The figures included in the report only reflect jobs created or saved in programs that started prior to the October reporting deadline. Top job creating programs include the weatherization assistance and energy efficiency block grant programs of the Department of Energy and the clean water and drinking water state revolving funds of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Other programs with strong green jobs potential, such as the U.S. Department of Energy’s production tax credit grants did not report job creation prior to the October deadline. The Department of Energy already announced a number of grants through this program which may drive significant job growth for wind energy and other projects in the coming months.