CSG National Leadership Center Launches "Protecting Your Online Identity" Webinar

Staff from CSG’s National Leadership Center presented the webinar Protecting Your Online Identity as part of its series, Sharing Capitol Ideas 2.0.  CSG recognizes that state leaders face a new reality: the public expects them to be accessible on social media and the web, but these tools open up a range of public relations and technological literacy challenges.  Given that many state leaders may not have the resources for a communications staff to manage their online identity, CSG seeks to help educate state leaders through this programing.

The lead panelist on this webinar was Brian Selander, a 2011 Toll Fellow, former graduate instructor at UPENN, and a chief strategy officer for Delaware Gov. Jack Markell.  He shared his expertise on how to police your online identity, how to respond to online "attacks" and how to craft a cohesive online communications strategy. Selander has used his background in communications and political strategy to "make the governor's vision a reality."  On the webinar, he shared a series of the do’s and don’t’s of online communications platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+.  He also shared a particularly touching story on how social media and the Governor’s office helped change the life of a young girl with cancer, permitting her to be “Governor for a day” and seeing a groundswell of social media tributes in the form of rainbows across the Web.

I was lucky to join Brian and have the opporutnity to share the top 3 tips that resonated with participants in the small group and one-on-one social media “boot camp” trainings I offer at CSG conferences.  Specifically, I detailed how to manage privacy settings on Facebook, notified participants that certain Facebook apps can automatically publish what you read online to your friends, and walked listeners through how to set up Google Alerts.

If you missed the webinar but would like to check it out, just click here to see the video.