Could Superstorm Sandy delay next Tuesday’s elections?

Maybe – in some states. As local, state and federal officials grapple with the ongoing impacts from Superstorm Sandy, few are publicly entertaining the idea of delaying next Tuesday’s elections. But as the wide ranging impact of the storm becomes more apparent and as the task of restoring power to millions grows more challenging, state officials may very well be faced with the difficult decision of postponing the Nov. 6 election. In all likelihood, power will be adequately restored in all areas to move forward with the election and such speculation is nothing more than a thought exercise. But if power is not restored or alternative means for casting ballots not put into place, who can postpone an election? has a quick analysis of the matter -

The Moritz College of Law at Ohio State has a quick run down of many state elections emergency procedures...several of which are in the storm impact zone -, a joint news site for several New Jersey-based mainstream media outlets, has a good story including comments from FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate -

Houston Chronicle blog post by Mustafa Tameez -

Congressional Research Service report: “Postponement and Rescheduling of Elections to Federal Office” -

Congressional Research Service report: “State Election Laws: Overview of Statutes Regarding Emergency Election Postponement Within the State” -