Cold Case Register

Cold Case Register SSL Draft


This Act defines a "cold case" as a homicide or a felony sexual offense that remains unsolved for one year or more after being reported to a law enforcement agency and one that has no viable and unexplored investigatory leads. The Act requires law enforcement agencies create registries of the names of cold case victims, their family members, and their legal representatives. It directs law enforcement agencies to notify such people when the agencies set up the registries. The bill requires the information in cold case registries be held for three years and it requires law enforcement agencies make reasonable efforts to notify registrants when that timeframe expires for their information. The Act requires law enforcement agencies keep registrants‘ information an additional three years when registrants ask for such an extension. It requires law enforcement agencies give priority to cases in the registries and directs the agencies to provide registrants with information about new developments or reviews of their cases.

Submitted as:
Chapter 132 of 2009

Status: Enacted into law in 2009.

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