Civil Gideon Legal Services

Civil Gideon Legal Services SSL Draft


This Act helps facilitate legal services to underserved communities. It defines and restricts how a person or organization can use the term "legal aid." The Act directs the state Judicial Council to set up a pilot program to appoint legal representation for unrepresented low-income parties in civil matters involving critical issues such as domestic violence, child custody, and elder abuse. Program projects must be partnerships between courts and qualified legal service providers in the community. The Act directs that local advisory committees be formed to help administer program projects and to ensure those fulfill program objectives. The bill requires the Judicial Council to study the effectiveness of the program and report its findings and recommendations to the governor and legislature. It directs the Judicial Council to use fees collected from various court services to help fund the program.

Submitted as:
AB 590 / Chapter 457
Status: Enacted into law in 2009.

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