A California County Partners with Global Mobile to Provide Text Service for Online Voter Registration

As technology and social media grow increasingly popular, the time a teenager will spend away from their phone is decreasing rapidly. Any task that cannot be completed from a phone seems to take too much effort in today’s world. In attempts to keep up with the kids, Contra Costa County, California, has partnered with Global Mobile to provide a texting service to assist in encouraging young people to vote. The texting service was extended from an existing text service called “2Vote” that the county already used to provide voters with information from poll worker sign-ups to election night results.

Once the student receives the link on their phone, they can follow it to do several things: register to vote, check their current registration status, review a sample ballot, or participate in a mock election, which the Clerk and Recorder’s Election Department’s Paul Burgarino hoped would make them feel more comfortable when casting their vote on election day.

Due to the pre-existing contract with Global Mobile, the additional texting service for high schoolers came at no cost. The students, even with the end of the school year fast approaching, have already started interacting with the text service, even more proof that texting is the way to go to catch a young person’s attention.

Surrounding counties have already contacted Contra Costa County and Global Mobile about the program, but no solid plans have been made to extend the program statewide. While Global Mobile worked mostly on the technology behind the “2Vote” system, Contra Costa County created 50 unique flyers for all the schools within the county to ensure every student had access to this new service.

Contra Costa’s “Young Voters Corner” of their website contains numerous tools and apps to better prepare the younger voters for election day. Educational tools such as iCivics and Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government allows for the voter to acquire knowledge needed to cast a well-informed vote.

A link to a complete record of the young voter resources can be found here