BOS 2003: Chapter 6: State Lobbying, Campaigns and Elections

Chapter 6 of the 2003 Book of the States contains the following articles and tables:

Book of the States 2003

Chapter 6: State Lobbying, Campaigns and Elections


  1. "Trends in Lobbying in the States"
  2. "Trends in Interest Group Politics in the States"
  3. "Trends in State Campaign Financing"
  4. "2002 Initiatives and Referenda"


Initiatives and Referenda

TABLE 6.1: State Initiatives and Referenda, 2002. Download in PDF.


TABLE 6.2: State Executive Branch Officials to be Elected: 2003-2007. Download in PDF.

TABLE 6.3: State Legislatures: Members to be Elected, 2003-2007. Download in PDF.

TABLE 6.4: Methods of Nominating Candidates for State Offices. Download in PDF.

TABLE 6.5: Election Dates for National, State and Local Elections (Formulas and dates of state elections). Download in PDF.

TABLE 6.6: Polling Hours: General Elections. Download in PDF.

TABLE 6.7: Voter Registration Information. Download in PDF.

TABLE 6.8: Voting Statistics for Gubernatorial Elections By Region. Download in PDF.

TABLE 6.9: Voter Turnout for Presidential Elections By Region: 1992, 1996, and 2000. Download in PDF.


TABLE 6.10: Lobbyists: Definitions and Prohibited Activities. Download in PDF.

TABLE 6.11: Lobbyists: Registration and Reporting. Download in PDF.


TABLE 6.12: Ethics Agencies: Jurisdiction. Download in PDF.

TABLE 6.13: Ethics Agencies: Advisory Opinions, Investigations & Training. Download in PDF.

TABLE 6.14: Ethics Agencies: Personal Financial Disclosure Statements. Download in PDF.