BOS 2002: Chapter 9: Selected State Policies & Programs

Chapter 9 of the 2002 Book of the States contains the following articles and tables:

Book of the States 2001-2002

Chapter 9: Selected State Policies & Programs


  1. "Future Challenges of State Emergency Management"
  2. "Medicaid: A Future Challenge for the States"
  3. "Emerging Issues in Welfare Reform"
  4. "Trends in State Government Progress in Environmental Protection"
  5. "Public Higher-Education Governance: A Comparison of State Structures and Key Trends"
  6. "Education Reform: The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001"


Emergency Management

 TABLE 9.1: State Emergency Management: Agency Structure, Budget and Staffing.  Download in PDF.

 TABLE 9.2: State Disaster Funding Sources.  Download in PDF.


 TABLE 9.3: Health Insurance Coverage of the Low-Income Nonelderly 1999-2000.  Download in PDF.

TABLE 9.4: Medicaid / CHIP Eligibility for Families and Enrollment Simplification for Children, 2002.  Download in PDF.


TABLE 9.5: Health Insurance Coverage Persons With or Without.  Download in PDF.

Welfare Reform

TABLE 9.6:  Reduction in State TANF Caseloads: January 1996 to September 2001.  Download in PDF.

TABLE 9.7: TANF Benefit Levels for a Family of Three: 1995-2001.  Download in PDF.

Higher Education:

TABLE 9.8 Powers of Center Higher-Education Boards to Set Higher-Education Policy.  Download in PDF.

TABLE 9.9: Number of Institutions of Higher Education and Branches, By Level of Control of Institution and State: 2000-2001.  Download in PDF.

TABLE 9.10: Average Salary of Full-Time Instructional Faculty in Institutes of Higher Education, By Control of Institution and State: 1998-1999.  Download in PDF.

TABLE 9.11: Estimated Undergraduate Tuition and Fees and Room and Board Rates in Institutions of Higher Learning, By Control of Institution and State, 1998-1999 and 1999-2000.  Download in PDF.

Education Reform

TABLE 9.12: Education Accountability: State Performance Indicators.  Download in PDF.

Elementary/Secondary Education

TABLE 9.13: Membership and Attendance in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools, by State: 1999-2000 and 2000-2001.  Download in PDF.

TABLE 9.14: Enrollment, Average Daily Attendance and Classroom Teachers in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools, By State: 2000-2001.  Download in PDF.

TABLE 9.15: Average Annual Salary of Instructional Staff in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools: 1979-1980 to 2000-2001.   Download in PDF.

TABLE 9.16: State Course Requirements for High School Graduation.  Download in PDF.

Education Revenue / Expenditure

TABLE 9.17: General Revenue of Public School Systems, By Source: 1998-1999.  Download in PDF.

TABLE 9.18: Summary of State Government Direct Expenditures for Education, by State: 1999.  Download in PDF.

Criminal Justice / Corrections

TABLE 9.19: Trends in State Prison Population, 1999-2000.  Download in PDF.

TABLE 9.20: Movement of Adults in State Prison Systems: 1998.  Download in PDF.

TABLE 9.21: State Prison Capacities, 2000.  Download in PDF.

TABLE 9.22: Adults on Probation, 2000.  Download in PDF.

TABLE 9.23: Adults on Parole, 2000.  Download in PDF.

TABLE 9.24: Capital Punishment (As of Winter 2002).   Download in PDF.


TABLE 9.25: State Receipts for Highways by Region: 2000.  Download in PDF.

TABLE 9.26: State Disbursements for Highways by Region, 2000.  Download in PDF.