BOS 2002: Chapter 6: State Elections

Chapter 6 of the 2002 Book of the States contains the following articles and tables:

Book of the States 2002

Chapter 6: State Elections


  1. "Election Reform: Future Policy Considerations"
  2. "State Legislative Redistricting in 2001-2002: Emerging Trends and Issues in Reapportionment"
  3. "Trends in State Initiatives and Referenda"


Initiatives and Referenda

TABLE 6.1: State Initiatives & Referenda, 2000 and 2001. Download in PDF.


TABLE 6.2: State Executive Branch Officials to be Elected: 2002-2011. Download in PDF.

TABLE 6.3: State Legislatures: Members to be Elected: 2002-2011. Download in  PDF.

TABLE 6.4: Methods of Nominating Candidates for State Offices. Download in PDF.

TABLE 6.5: Election Dates for National, State and Local Elections (Formulas and dates for state elections). Download in PDF.

TABLE 6.6: Polling Hours: General Elections. Download in PDF.

TABLE 6.7: Voter Registration Information. Download in PDF.

TABLE 6.8: Voting Statistics for Gubernatorial Elections By Region. Download in PDF.

TABLE 6.9: Voter Turnout for Presidential Elections By Region: 1992, 1996, and 2000. Download in PDF.