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E-newsletter Issue #96 | July 2012

State revenue collections in the 2011 fiscal year grew by 6.4 percent and state general fund spending increased by 4 percent following two straight years of decline.

The 2011 tax revenues are just $26.6 billion under the peak reached in 2008 and are just shy of the 2007 collections.

Meanwhile, the challenges facing states in many programs continue to grow. State spending on Medicaid programs, for instance, is expected to increase nearly 50 percent from 2010 to 2012.

Those are just a few examples of information and data found in the 2012 edition of The Book of the States, The Council of State Governments’ annual almanac of information about the states.

The current edition, available in print and online, includes 32 articles from 34 authors, with 172 external tables and approximately 85,000 individual pieces of data.

“We all live with the opportunities and consequences created by the laws, regulations and actions of state government,” David Adkins, CSG’s executive director/CEO, wrote in the foreword for the book. 

“At CSG we believe that the complexity of these issues is growing, we believe that solutions in an increasingly polarized political world are more elusive, and we believe state leaders need and want reliable information upon which to base their actions and opinions.

“CSG was created to empower state leaders to craft the common sense solutions necessary to move America forward.  This issue of The Book of the States is designed to do just that.”

The book includes articles on such things as state constitutional developments in 2011, governors’ state of the state addresses, state budgets and taxes, efforts to develop transportation funding solutions, health care reform and emergency management systems.

The tables cover things such as state spending on such things as education, health care and transportation; candidate spending on elections; state government employment; and trends in state prison populations.

“The Book of the States has become an iconic CSG product,” Adkins said in the foreword. “No other organization or association can or does publish such a resource. This book reflects our intense commitment to serve the states and their leaders and our desire to place in the hands of state leaders and their staff a relevant and timely resource.”

The Council of State Governments has published The Book of the States since 1935. Editions dating back to 2004 are now available at the CSG Knowledge Center.

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