Book of the States 2019, Chapter 1: State Constitutions

Book of the States 2019

Chapter 1: State Constitutions


Table 1.1 State Constitutional Changes By Legislative, Initiative, and Commission Proposal.  Download in Excel or PDF.

Table 1.2 Themes and Patterns in State Constitutional Amendments Enacted in 2018. Download in Excel or PDF.

Table 1.3 General Information on State Constitutions. Download in Excel or PDF.

Table 1.3 Infographic General Information on State Constitutions. Download in PDF.

Table 1.4 Constitutional Amendment Procedure: By the Legislature, Constitutional Provisions. Download in Excel or PDF.

Table 1.5 Constitutional Amendment Procedure: By Initiative, Constitutional Provisions. Download in Excel or PDF.

Table 1.6 Procedures for Calling Constitutional Conventions, Constitutional Provisions Download in Excel or PDF.