Bipartisan Group of Governors Recommend ACA Reforms to Congressional Leaders

On Aug. 30, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and a bipartisan group of 7 other governors released a letter to congressional leaders that outlines reforms Congress should consider to strengthen states’ health insurance markets. 

They recommend actions in three areas:

  • Immediate federal action to stabilize markets, including funding cost sharing reduction (CSR) payments, creating a temporary stability fund, actions to incentive carriers to offer plans in underserved counties and preserving the individual mandate “for now.”
  • Responsible reforms that preserve coverage gains and control costs, including federal funding of outreach and enrollment efforts, fixing the “family glitch,” actions to promote appropriate enrollment and giving states more flexibility in choosing essential health benefits (EHB).
  • An active federal/state partnership, which includes regulatory reforms, support of state Section 1332 innovation waivers and a commitment to value-based health care purchasing in order to control costs.

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