Association of Government Accountants Introduces Online Government Fraud Prevention ToolKit

Today the Association of Government Accountants (AGA) released a new online resource designed to help officials at all levels of government to prevent, detect and deter fraud. The ToolKit is a valuable tool to help promote program integrity at all levels of government.

According to AGA's press release, the ToolKit contains a comprehensive array of tools, posters, educational materials, PowerPoint presentations and videos. Users can find tools by looking under business process, such as accounts receivable; program area, such as the Office of Management and Budget’s high-risk programs; or by fraud type, such as bid-rigging.

AGA's ToolKit differs from other online resources because it specifically targets fraud within government. In addition, materials in the ToolKit have been vetted by experts from a cross section of disciplines. As a result, only the most helpful materials are included.

To fight fraud, it is important to understand the circumstances that permit or encourage fraud, to learn how to spot fraud in an organization, to become familiar with actions that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of fraud’s occurrence and to increase the likelihood of its detection.

“By helping reduce fraud in government programs, more money can be made available for programs, services and infrastructure,” according to AGA’s Executive Director Relmond P. Van Daniker, DBA, CPA. “The ToolKit not only advances AGA’s mission of advancing government accountability, but it does so by providing a concrete resource that any level of government can use to deter fraud and improve government program outcomes.” 


The ToolKit was developed by AGA's Partnership for Intergovernmental Management and Accountability. AGA established the Partnership to open the lines of communication among governments with the goal of improving performance and accountability. Comprised of high-ranking officials from the federal, state and local levels of government and higher education, the Partnership is dedicated to identifying and solving some of the most vexing management and accountability issues facing governments today.