Associates in Action: Consumer Technology Association Helps Governments Get Smarter


There is a tremendous pressure on cities. Already, 1.4 million people around the world are moving to cities and by 2050 they are expected to provide for 70 percent of the world’s population. Although this influx can fuel economic growth and cultural vibrancy, it can also strain cities’ abilities to keep their residents safe, healthy and prosperous. In the wake of recent natural disasters and civic threats, there is a real sense of urgency to make cities more resilient and sustainable.

Eager to help cities and states manage these challenges, the Consumer Technology Association, or CTA,™ a CSG Leadership Circle member, created the Resilience Conference and Exhibition as part of their annual CES. This new initiative, which focuses its programming and exhibit area solely on resilient technologies, made its debut at CES® 2019. Attendees could discover world-class programming, insights and solutions from the world’s most influential leaders and government officials, law enforcement, investors, startups, city planners, major brands, and corporate technology attendees. Themes included preparedness, responsiveness and recovery with deep dives into communication and redundancies, energy, water crises, cybersecurity, health, and disaster recovery.

“Our mission is to expose and encourage innovation which improves the human condition,” said Gary Shapiro, CTA president and CEO. People expect and need basic services like power, water and broadband. Localism is becoming more important. However, recent natural disasters and climate change make it clear that our future must ensure innovation will focus on preparedness and recovery.,

CES is the largest and most influential technology event in the world, drawing in more than 60,000 international attendees from over 155 countries, regions and territories to discuss global issues. It’s the proving ground for transformative tech such as 5G connectivity, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, smart cities, sports, robotics and more. Companies of all sizes from all over the world come to launch products, build brands and partner to solve some of today’s most pressing societal challenges.

“CES Smart Cities already successfully showcases the technology, solutions and players that shape better urban design,” Shapiro said. “Resilience at CES will expand on these topics with a greater focus on how technology aids the continuity of critical infrastructure and the ability to operationally bounce back or keep going during a crisis.”

Resilience at CES will look at technologies that, even in the face of adversity, keep the world healthy, safe, warm, powered, fed and secure. Specifically, it will explore global case studies and attendees will hear from the innovators who are creating inspiring tech solutions to aid in preparedness, response and recovery.  Learn more about CES and Resilience.

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