American Medical Association Endorses Medical Licensing Compact

Delegates from the American Medical Association (AMA) formally endorsed the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact at this week’s 2014 AMA Interim Meeting.  The compact, which creates a process for expedited licensing for doctors wishing to practice in multiple states, was developed jointly by the Federation of State Medical Boards, CSG’s National Center for Interstate Compacts, and a drafting team comprised of state medical board officials. 

The endorsement of the AMA follows closely on the heels of a similar endorsement by Maureen Ohlhausen, who serves as a Commissioner with the Federal Trade Commission. 

The goal of the compact is to allow doctors to more efficiently obtain licenses in multiple states, while simultaneously protecting patient safety.  Such an agreement has the potential to significantly increase access to care in rural and hard-to-serve areas, which in turn has the potential to reduce costs for patients, states and the federal government. The agreement also aims to allow providers to take advantage of improving technologies and offer more telehealth services.  Participation in the compact is voluntary for both states and doctors.

To read more about the AMA’s endorsement of the compact please click here.  To read the compact legislation please click in the attachment below.  For more information about any of CSG’s ongoing compact work please contact Crady deGolian at