Alaskans Pass Bristol Bay Measure

Last Tuesday, Alaska voters approved a ballot measure requiring the Alaska legislature to approve future large-scale metallic sulfide mines within the watershed of the Bristol Bay Fisheries Reserve.  Ballot Measure 4 passed with 65% of the vote.

Prior to the election supporters of the measure had spent just over $1.2 million according to campaign finance disclosure forms.  The ballot measure requires approval of all large scale mines in the Bay but one controversial project has been the driving force behind the measure, the proposed Pebble mine.  

The proposed mine footprint is located in the Bay in one of the largest discoveries of gold and copper in the world.  The proposed mine has opponents and supporters, however opponents were the primary funders for the Measure 4 campaign. The mine has yet to go through the federal and state permitting processes and with Measure 4 passing will have to gain additional approval from the Alaska Legislature proving the project would not endanger the Bristol Bay salmon fishery. 

Please click here for information on Ballot Measure 4