Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease: Emerging Issues and Policy Solutions

Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease:  Emerging Issues and Policy Solutions 
October 19, 2011

Legislators from across the country and other key stakeholders attended the Health Policy Academy on Aging and Alzheimer’s disease, held on October 19, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the CSG National Conference & North American Summit in Bellevue, Washington. Speakers outlined the growing burden of Alzheimer’s disease, the state of the science around prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease and states’ policy responses to the issues of aging and Alzheimer’s disease.

Presentation highlights included:

  • Dr. Lynda Anderson, Director of the Healthy Aging Program for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who pointed out that 10,000 Americans turn 65 years of age every day and will continue to do so for the next 19 years. Age is the most significant risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Randi Chapman, state affairs director for the Alzheimer’s Association reviewed a menu of public policies states can put in place to better serve citizens with the disease and their caregivers.

  • Enid Kassner, from the Public Policy Institute at AARP, was a principal author of the just-released state scorecard on long-term services and supports. She reviewed the criteria for states’ scores and demonstrated the interactive capacity of the AARP website for the report.

  • Dr. Linda Teri, from the University of Washington, provided a quick primer on Alzheimer’s disease and then reviewed evidence-based programs of support for caregivers that increase quality of life for persons affected by Alzheimer’s disease as well as caregivers.

  • George Vradenburg, Us Against Alzheimer’s, provided an inspirational presentation about his vision to impact significantly the disease’s toll by 2020.

  • Sherrie Matsa shared the California experience in developing an Alzheimer’s state plan.

  • A panel from North Dakota provided information about the legislative history of the Dementia Care Services Project, its implementation, and preliminary evaluation of its effectiveness in reducing long term care services costs.  

Speakers and Presentations:

Bob Le Roy, President and CEO, Western and Central Washington State Chapter, Alzheimer’s Association 

The Silver Tsunami: A Direct Correlation with Increased Alzheimer’s Disease”

Lynda A. Anderson, Ph.D.  Director, Healthy Aging Program, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

   Download the presentation "Linking Cognitive Health Data to Effective Policy" in PDF (without audio) 

Randi Chapman, J.D. Director, State Affairs, Alzheimer’s Association

  Download the presentation "Alzheimer’s Disease State Public Policy: What is it and why do we need it?" in PDF (without audio)

Enid Kassner, Director, Independent Living/Long-Term Care, AARP Public Policy Institute

  Download the presentation "Raising Expectations: A State Scorecard on Long-Term Services and Supports for Older Adults, People with Physical Disabilities, and Family Caregivers" in PDF (without audio).

“The State of the Science: Prevention, Early Diagnosis, Treatment and Cure”

Manny Najera, Early Stage Advisory Group, Alzheimer’s Association, El Paso, Texas

Dr. Linda Teri, Department of Psychosocial & Community Health,University of Washington

  Download the presentation "Aging & Alzheimer’s Disease: Evidence-based approaches to treatment and care" in PDF (without audio).

George Vradenburg, Us Against Alzheimer’s 

  Download the presentation "Stop Alzheimer’s by 2020" in PDF (without audio) 

Building State Policy Solutions

Sherrie Matsa, California

  Download the presentation "Planning for Alzheimer’s Disease in California from the Ground Up: Development of the State Plan" in PDF (without audio)

Connecting consumers to services in North Dakota: Roundtable Discussion

Senator Dick Dever, Dr. Brad Gibbens, Gretchen Dobervich

  Download the presentation "North Dakota Dementia Care Services" in PDF (without audio) 

  Download the presentation "North Dakota Dementia Care Services Project" in PDF (without audio)


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